• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland

  • 15 May 2018

    Polish IT companies constituted the most numerous group of panelists during the IT seminar of the V-4 countries, which was held on May 8th on the premises of the Embassy of Hungary in Tokyo. The seminar was co-organized by all embassies of the V-4 countries, including also the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tokyo. Speakers from the V-4 group IT companies invited the guests from Japanese IT companies gathered at the seminar room to cooperate in the field of joint projects aimed at the development of products and solutions presented by each company.

    The IT seminar took part on the eve of the spring editions of the Japan IT Week Fair, during which companies from Poland had the opportunity to exhibit their products at the national stand organized by the Polish Agency of Entrepreneurship Development (PARP). The fair which started on May 11 and lasted for two days were attended by 1700 companies from all over the world including 30 companies from Poland.

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