• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland

  • 19 March 2018

    As a part of the activities connected with the celebrations of Year 2018 as a Year of Polish Science, a multimedia exhibition entitled “Science is Freedom” has been temporarily loaned from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, to be displayed at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tokyo. The exhibition shows 25 greatest achievements of Polish science ranging from the discovery of the first planets from outside the solar system, through archaeological discoveries in Egypt and achievements of Polish physicists working at CERN, to launching the first Polish satellite into orbit.

    The exhibition was presented to more than 100 guests invited to attend the opening ceremony which was held at the Embassy premises on March 13. The event was composed of several presentations and the screening of short video films showing research projects sent by young Polish scientists who took part in the competition for the best project organized by the Embassy.


    Among speakers, there was Ms. Olga Malinkiewicz - one of the first scientists in the world to work on the commercial use of perovskites. In 2014 she was awarded for her work the first prize in a very prestigious contest – Photonics 21. In her lecture, she explained how the commercialization of perovskites could change the world of power generation. She also shared experience in cooperation with Japanese partners. Other speakers were: Ms. Magdalena Bem-Andrzejewska, the Director at the Bureau of the Minister from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and Mr. Matthieu Py from Euraccess.


    The winner of the competition for the best project by young Polish scientist was selected through the voting by the audience. The author of the winning project entitled “Otoimplant – middle ear prosthesis - development of composite middle ear prosthesis with bactericidal properties”, is Ms. Magdalena Ziabka from AGH University of Science and Technology. The winner will be invited to come to Tokyo to attend the Science Agora Forum in November this year.


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