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  • 9 November 2018

    During the reception held on November 8th, the employees of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland to Japan, together with the members of the diplomatic corps and offices of military attaché in Tokyo celebrated together the 100th anniversary of regaining the independence by Poland. Mr. Kazuyasu Kimura - grandson of Bronislaw Piłsudki – the outstanding ethnographer and explorer of Ainu culture- the elder brother of Józef Piłsudki, was among guests attending the reception.

    - Japan was one of the first nations to recognize an independent Poland - Ambassador Jacek Izydorczyk said during his speech, reminding the gathered audience of a very positive and welcoming attitude of the Japanese government towards the reviving Polish state. Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan – Mr. Kenji Yamada referred in his speech to the extremely friendly history of Polish-Japanese diplomatic relations, wh 100th anniversary both countries will celebrate in the upcoming year 2019.


    The reception organized on November 8 is not the only occasion to celebrate the centenary of regaining the independence of Poland in Japan. Another occasion to celebrate this important anniversary will be the arrival to Japan of the Polish sailing ship `Dar Młodzieży`, which will sail to Osaka Port on November 11th. The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tokyo co-organizes a number of events accompanying the stay of a sailing ship  at the Japanese port. The leitmotif of all events will be the promotion of knowledge about Poland in the context of the 100th anniversary of Poland's independence.


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